A Timely Resource for Helping Kids Bounce Back

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City hired me to help Turning Point: Center for Hope and Healing turn their workshops for kids into a printed resource families can use at home. Through stories and activities, it explains how parents and caregivers can help children learn 10 teachable resilience skills.



Healthier Choices for Kids: School Nutrition Guides

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In 2008 I wrote and produced this series of nutrition guides for KC Healthy Kids and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City:


Exploring New Flavors: How to Shape Kids’ Food Preferences at Home and at School explains how teachers, school staff and parents can help kids learn to enjoy healthy “new” foods at home, in the classroom and in the cafeteria. This guide features Kiersten Firquain, who implemented the first Farm to Cafeteria program in Kansas City, plus resources and how-tos for helping students develop new food preferences.




Healthy Alternatives for School Celebrations, Rewards, Fundraisers and Snacks helps parents, school staff, and students put a healthy spin on school celebrations, rewards, fundraisers and snacks. The guide explores low-cost options, good-better-best choices, tips for easy preparation, recipes, and cross-cultural concepts.



Marketing Healthy Choices in the School Cafeteria was created for food service directors and managers who want to increase revenue while serving healthy foods.


The grant also included funding for this colorful place mat (shown front and back), which was created to encourage kids ages 2-5 eat their colors (also known as vitamins!) and get moving.

Special thanks to Liz Nord for designing the guides, and to Brian Grubb for designing and illustrating the place mat!

Start-to-Finish Editorial Services for Tobacco Cessation Guide

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The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care is a multi-disciplinary organization of employers, insurance carriers and providers focused on promoting the health and well-being of current and future employees and their families in the greater Kansas City area.

They hired me to research and write this guide, and see it through design.

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