Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do. And I can help you tell it in a way that makes people want to connect with you, your business, your product or your cause.

Here’s my story: I’m a professional writer and editor with over 20 years’ experience (oh, where did the time go?). I enjoy writing for social change: better health, sustainable living, and strong communities for everyone, especially kids. But, because I love words and I love putting them to work, I can write about pretty much anything.

I also take great pride in making sure my clients are happy with the final product AND with the process. Here’s what they’ve said:

Intuition & Initiative
Heather is passionate both about her work as a writer and the work of the agencies with whom she contracts. She is intuitive but uses data to direct what and how she communicates with the intended audience. She also maintains a nice balance of initiative and self-efficacy while keeping others informed of her work and seeking guidance as needed. It is a pleasure to work with Heather.

Janet Shepard
Missouri Coordinated School Health Coalition

Great Attention to Detail
“Heather’s great attention to detail and knack for relaying information in an easy-to-understand format make her the ideal partner for any project.”

Lisa Medrow, Total Nutrition Techniques

Flexibility & Professionalism
“Heather worked hard and was very responsive to our feedback. We threw some directional changes at Heather in the middle of the project and she handled them with flexibility and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with Heather.”

Craig Galvin , Mid-America Coalition on Health Care

Creative & Energetic
Heather was a delight to work with. She was so creative and energetic, and took a genuine interest in perfecting our project. I loved how she truly wrapped her head around our concepts and translated our curriculum into beautifully written words.

Annie Seal, Turning Point Center for Hope & Healing

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