What’s your story?

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Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do. And I can help you tell it in a way that makes people want to connect with you, your business, your product or your cause.

Here’s my story: I’m a professional writer and editor with over 20 years’ experience (oh, where did the time go?). I enjoy writing for social change: better health, sustainable living, and strong communities for everyone, especially kids. But, because I love words and I love putting them to work, I’ll write about pretty much anything.

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Here’s what I can provide:

  • editorial strategy & analysis (consumer trends, competitive research)
  • social media & email marketing
  • website & blog content
  • sales & publicity materials
  • consumer product development & packaging
  • education & outreach materials
  • newsletters, feature articles, brochures & more

If you need help with words, please get in touch to schedule a fee estimate.

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Heather Winslow Gibbons
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Start-to-Finish Editorial Services for Tobacco Cessation Guide

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The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care is a multi-disciplinary organization of employers, insurance carriers and providers focused on promoting the health and well-being of current and future employees and their families in the greater Kansas City area.

They hired me to research and write this guide, and see it through design.

Sneak Peak: Teaching Resilience Resource in the Works

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In 2010, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City hired me to help Turning Point: Center for Hope and Healing create this amazing resource. Through stories and activities, it explains how parents and caregivers can help children learn 10 teachable resilience skills.

As the project was underway, the client saw the potential for it to reach a broader audience, and created a series of videos to go with it. The entire program will launch soon and I’ll post the full text here when it does.

In the meantime, if you or a family member has a chronic or serious illness, turn to Turning Point, the only center in Kansas City that offers comprehensive programming to address the psychological, social, emotional, and physical needs that accompany a serious or chronic physical illness.

Blogging (and more!) for Kids’ Health

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I work for two groups that  promote the CDC’s coordinated school health model, which encompasses eight components:

  • Health Services
  • Nutrition Services
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education
  • Counseling, Psychological and Social Services
  • Healthy School Environment
  • Health Promotion for Staff
  • Family and Community Involvement

The Missouri Coordinated School Health Coalition and the American School Health Association support schools and school health professionals in helping students get and stay healthy so they can do their best in school.

For both organizations, I manage their blogs, e-mail marketing, and online communities. I also provide other editorial services as needed, including press releases, conference materials, brochures, white papers and more.

Read some posts: 

RMC Health Offers Resources for Helping Children Cope with Violence, Tragedy, Disaster

ASHA Helps Create National Sexuality Education Standards

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Seed to Plate: A series on food for KC Olive Branch

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KC Olive Branch covers faith, peace and justice topics. This “Seed to Plate” series was intended to introduce the concept of a food system to Olive Branch readers and to encourage them to be more engaged in Kansas City’s local food movement.

Seed to Plate: Care where your food comes from
March 12, 2009

“You can’t grow a pizza!” said my three-year-old daughter at dinner one night. She thought that in the movie WALL-E, the captain of the Axiom had made a mistake when, excited by the prospect of returning to a blighted Earth, he said, “You kids are gonna grow all kinds of plants!”

Seed to Plate: Urban farms provide more than produce
April 9, 2009

Last week I visited the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture (KCCUA) for the first time. Just five minutes away from the Metcalf/I-35/I-635 interchange, I transplanted lettuce, folded row covers, and tried to resist climbing on the straw bales. A few days later, I sat down with Katherine Kelly, KCCUA’s executive director and farmer, to talk about how she created a land-based lifestyle within an opportunity-based metropolis.

Seed to Plate: A real food antidote for a childhood crisis
May 14, 2009

It’s proven that healthy kids learn better, and this generation of children will need to be well-educated, competent problem-solvers in order to continue to respond to the economic and environmental crises currently facing our nation and our world. We have not gotten them off to a good start. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and behavior disorders are standing in their way.

Seed to Plate: Refugee women harvest new beginnings
June 11, 2009

They came from cultures that have farmed for centuries, from Somalia, Burundi and Liberia, to the same spot of earth in Kansas City, Kansas. They came because their home countries were intolerant, even hostile, toward people of their race, religion or tribe. They risked their lives to leave; they might have died if they had stayed.

Seed to Plate: Food deserts in the Heartland
July 8, 2009

In a report released last week, the United States Department of Agriculture said that “access to a supermarket or large grocery store is a problem for a small percentage of households.” According to the study, about 11.5 million low-income people in the United States live more than one mile from a supermarket or large grocery store.

But for that “small” population, the social, financial, and health impacts are a big problem.

Seed to Plate: Remaking our food system for a happy ending
September 3, 2009

In this series, I’ve written about some of the people working to move Kansas City toward community food security. These urban farmers, advocates, educators and community organizers are leading the fight to keep our food system from becoming more of what film reviewer Mark Dujsik called The Final Destination: A quick, cheap cash-in.

Food Stories for Enhance Magazine

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Kansas City Enhance was a beautiful magazine that is sadly now defunct. Thank goodness their content is still available online. I wrote feature articles and acted as food editor, hiring and providing direction to writers, and working with local chefs who provided recipes.

Inaugural Food Section, 2010

How My Family Started Eating Better,  2010

Splurge: Bacon from Schenker Farms, 2010

Apples, Broccoli, Carrots: The ABCs Come from the Farm, 2009

Local Flavors: Kansas City’s Sustainable Food Movement Is Good for Your Body and Soul, 2009

KCHK Postcard

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In 2007 I became involved with KC Healthy Kids through their initiative to form the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition.

This postcard was intended to direct traffic to their Web site during a back to school promotion.


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